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Calgary Waste Removal Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Q. What is a roll-off bin?

A. “Roll-off bin” is the industry term for bins that roll off the back of our trucks. Because of this, they’re easily transportable and have very quick delivery and pick up times.

Q. Why should I choose A.R MacLeod Waste Removal to handle my waste removal?

A. Locally owned and operated, A.R MacLeod Waste Removal is Calgary’s premier roll-off waste bin provider. Whatever your needs are, if you’re a new home builder, condo builder, home renovator, or a spring cleaner, our professional and experienced crew have what it takes to get the job done right.

Q. Is your service affordable?

A. We at A.R MacLeod Waste Removal know how important it is to balance the books, and are determined to give you most affordable rates around. Ask about our special rates for condo construction companies, new home builders, spring and fall cleanup specials. Find out now why we are Calgary's top choice for roll out waste bins and waste removal.

Q. How big are your bins, and what can I put in them?

A. Our 12 cubic yard waste bins are the perfect size to maximize both volume and efficiency. You can put almost anything in our bins with a few exceptions, including:

  • Petroleum products such as motor oil, gas, diesel, etc
  • Asbestos
  • Animal products
  • Propane tanks
  • Paint - empty cans are acceptable
  • Batteries
  • Medical Waste
  • Pesticides

If you have a question about a specific item, please don’t hesitate to call us.

Q. Do you recycle?

A. Together with our partners in new home building in Calgary, we’ve launched the incredibly successful Recycling Program which is now diverting up to 75% of its waste away from the landfill. A.R MacLeod Waste Removal is always looking for new partnerships and new opportunities that will allow us to be even more environmentally friendly.

Q. I’m a new home builder, what services can you provide me?

A.R MacLeod Waste Removal is already proud partner with some of Calgary’s finest home builders, and as such, we understand the needs of the industry. The many features of our service such as our patented lockout lids and recycling program provide you with the flexibility you need on a hectic job site.

Q. I’m a new condo builder with a large job site - can you handle all of my waste?

A. Having multiple, easily movable bins is the most efficient way for your crew to remove their waste. Our 12 yard waste bins will always be within reach and will keep the way clear for large trade vehicles. And our incredibly maneuverable trucks can place our bins just about anywhere you need them!

Q. I’m a home renovator, why is a roll off bin from A.R MacLeod Waste Removal the most efficient way to handle my waste?

A. Our 12 cubic yard bins are small enough not impose on the neighbors, while still being large enough to handle the large amounts of waste generated by home renovation projects. They fit perfectly on the lawn, the driveway, or the street (with a city of Calgary permit). Plus our bins are easily accessed by a large back door, so disposing of large items is a breeze.

Q. I’m a weekend warrior with a big project planned, but what should I do with all of my waste?

A. Going to the Calgary dump is a waste of your time. You can finish your project sooner and with less stress by getting a roll off bin. Our 12 yard waste bins won’t bother your neighbors, but have plenty of room for all your waste, and have large back doors that make them easy to load. Just call us when you’re done and we’ll take it all away.

Q. I’ve got a big spring/fall cleanup to do, why should I call A.R MacLeod Waste Removal?

A. Spring cleanups are a lot of work, and multiple trips to the dump just make it worse. Calling for a roll off waste bin will cut your work in half. Our easily affordable bins have large back doors that make them easy to load, and when you’re done we’ll take it away. And we’ll make as many trips as you need us to!

Q. Can you protect my bin from illegal dumping?

A. Yes! Our bins are available with lockout lids that will keep out other people’s unwanted junk. Don’t spend money on a bin only to have it filled up with other people’s waste. A bin from A.R MacLeod Waste Removal will protect your valuable bin space so it’s there when you need it.


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