Calgary waste management | Garbage Disposal | Dumpster Renting and Waste Bins - A.R.MacLeod Waste Removal. Learn about our Recycling Program which can recover 75% of the waste generated at construction sites. Calgary recycling services - We are currently recycling the following items: Clean Wood, Drywall, Metals, Plastics, Rubber, Concrete. Recycling Program
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Calgary Waste Removal Testimonials | Daza Roofing Ltd.

"A.R MacLeod was strongly recommended to us by a friend in the construction business, as they provide premium service at fair pricing. Ralphs drivers always impress us with their attention to detail with their waste bin placement having zero impact on our customers houses and driveways. A.R MacLeod clearly knows their business and are a pleasure to deal with at these busy times."

Darren Asseltine, President
Daza Roofing Ltd.


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